Episode 042: Taste Different

Andrew and Sean Chin interview each other to determine the origins of Numerical, positive ADD, being a jack of all trades, and the dark-side of obsession.

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  • Andrew drank a Brandy + Fanta
  • Sean drank a Carrot + Mango blend


Episode 040: So Angry!

Andrew is joined by Casey Liss of ATP and James Croft of Reckoner to discuss cultural differences, reconciling internet & real life identities, and why Casey is angry about Numerical.

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Topics, Quotes, Links + Timestamps:

  • [ 00:00:00 ] Americans have the worst accents.
  • [ 00:02:35 ] Andrew is making an iOS version of Car, Plane or Boat. For reference: Bionic.
  • [ 00:04:35 ] Casey is pissed off. Why can't ATP have fan-apps!?
    • "You know how many fuck'n iOS apps we have!? NONE." - Casey
  • [ 00:05:15 ] Coming on February 13th: Numerical.
    • "No. No. Don't even start with me. I'm so angry with you right now. I AM! We could talk about this on the show because I'm so fired up about Mr. "Oh I'm learning to develop" and writes this fucking beautiful iOS app. GOD, I'm so pissed off at you right now." - Casey
  • [ 00:12:25 ] Big topics: iPad Pro, Mac Pro, LEDs, Fish
    • "You got the wrong host from ATP my friend. I'm gonna hang this shit up right now cuz this is ridiculous." - Casey
  • [ 00:13:00 ] Australians live in the future.
  • [ 00:15:25 ] "I don't know. I'd Google Maps it, but my keyboard is about 7000 decibels of clickiness." - James
  • [00:17:40 ] Andrew does an Anze Tomic impression. Hear Casey on Anze's show, Storming Mortal.
  • [00:19:10 ] What were Casey and James like as children? How do we reconcile Internet personality / life with our real personalities / real life?
    • "Casey, you might be the nicest guy I think I've ever met." - Andrew
    • "That is extremely flattering of you to say, but you're full of shit." - Casey
  • [00:27:50 ] Cultural differences. Voting in Australia VS. US
    • "So, Casey if we're talking about cultural differences - that I had to do today - I had to vote!" - James
    • "Americans are the most apathetic, lazy people in the world." - Casey
    • "I feel like Australians are the Americans of the British Empire." - Casey
  • [ 00:31:15 ] "Ah let's not get started on the Fahrenheit [VS] Celsius thing. " - James
    • "Except to say that Celsius is superior in every possible way." - James
    • "Except to say that you are WRONG in every possible way." - Casey
  • [ 00:34:00 ] Casey's App, FastText for iOS7. Casey's Home Screen: New FastText Icon Revealed.
  • [ 00:39:28 ] How did Casey get into podcasting? The ATP origin story. Neutral.
  • [ 00:45:25 ] How did James get into podcasting?
  • [ 00:51:55 ] Personal Braaaaaand. How much do we feel what we put out on the internet is representative of us VS. a softened or filtered version of yourself?
  • [ 01:00:19 ] "Quick what are you drinking, I'll splice this in 45 minutes ago" - Andrew
  • [ 01:06:24 ] One last topic:
    • "So, Programming. That's a thing I haven't done much of for the last ten years." - Andrew
    • "I'm so angry. So angry right now." - Casey
    • Andrew talks through how Numerical came about.
    • "With Casey Liss's anger at my side, I feel like anything is possible." - Andrew
  • [ 01:16:30 ] James' recent project: Bootstrap Cheat Sheets

Episode 039: So Thin. Much Light. Very Fashion.

This week we discuss The Internet Of All The Things. By taking a look at some of the connected devices that already exist, we try to understand where this market is and how that might inform where it is headed. Are we talking about wearables, connected appliances, or are these really pieces of the same puzzle?


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  • Andrew drank Coke & Strawberry Liquor
  • Zac drank Coke

Links + Timestamps:

Episode 034: 2013 Xmas Special - "How The Andrew Stole Xmas"

Merry Christmas patrons! In this very special video episode, Zac gets an xmas present, Windows Phone bait and switch, Ben Brooks' assassination of tech podcasts, and answer some patron questions about the bar in 2013 and beyond. Also santa hats.

(Note to podcast app users: We only included the audio version in our feed as we didn't want to overload anyone. If you'd like to see the video version, please go here. Thanks!)

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  • Andrew drank a Grinch
  • Zac drank a Coke

Music in this episode has been provided by Incompetech.

Episode 032: Rich Wood

This week @mattalexand joins us to discuss flotillas, volcanos, being true to yourself, Need, why values should inform your business model, and karaoke.

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  • Zac drank Blaine Water
  • Andrew drank a July Passion (shaken, not stirred)
  • Matt had half a bottle of wine and a Revolver Blood & Honey
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Episode 031: Beating A Dead Horace

We ponder if Microsoft made the wrong bet, Apple's PrimeSense aquisition, motion as a primary input method, the interrelation between Business and Product, and was Everpix just the wrong product?

Andrew also talks about #gojgo at the very end, and we urge you to support Stephen Hackett & his son’s hospital. Stephen has been a great friend of the bar and we feel this is an important thing to get behind. Give a little or give a lot, but be a hero.

Become a hero:

And donate:

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  • Zac drank Water
  • Andrew drank Butterscotch + Rum + Energy Drink?!

Episode 030: Harry's Bar, Harry's Rules

In this special 60 minute visit friend-of-the-bar Harry Marks stops by to discuss thanksgiving plans, MFi controllers, learning to program, and how price is part of product. Also podcast duration.

You can buy Harry's "Nerds Ruin Everything" shirt at T-Spring for the next 2 days at

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  • Harry drank a Flying Fish Belgian Abbey Dubbel
  • AJC drank a Southern Comfort and Coke
  • Zac drank… uh… hm...